20 Best Jokes For Kids | Children of All Ages

This collection of Jokes for kids about School  have a little something for everyone. History of jokes, Miss jokes, jokes about teachers and more. 
Jokes for kids about School
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Perfect for mom, dady, teachers, counselors – and children of all ages. The 
Jokes for kids here are clean and safe for everyone.

#1. A ten-years-old child was reading a book very carefully, whose title was, 'How do care of children.'

Mom - why are you reading this book? 

Child - I want to see if my care about it.

#2. "A little girl was explaining to her brother that those who work on Sunday can not reach heaven. The younger brother still could not believe.

Brother asked - Will the police work in the sunday, he will not go to heaven?

The sister said, "No, she will not need it there."

#3. "Dad asked the son - It looks like you brush your teeth with my brush, so the brush is so scary.

The boy said - no father! I cleaned my dog's teeth with this brush. "
#4. "Teacher asked the student - children! What time do the stars appear in the day? A student answered - when it falls short."

#5. "A child was crying, her father asked for the reason of crying. The child said - ten rupees, then I will tell.

 The father gave ten dollar to the son and said - Now tell me! Why were you crying?

The child said - I was crying for ten dollar only."

#6. The little child came with his result and said to the father, Papa is very lucky.

 Father - how son?

Child - Because I have failed.You do not have to buy new books for me.

#7. The little boy was angry with the mother.

Child- Dad what did you see in the mummy who liked them?
 Papa - little sweet little mole of his cheek.

Child- Amazing ... for such a small thing, the big trouble was bought.

#8. "NASA decided to send Chintu to the moon.

But Chinu returned from halfway.

Chintu said - Today is unmasked, no moon will be there. "

#9. Today's children are also very sensible!

Madam- One time mention was that Jack had lying on his bed ... (a boy comes in between them)

Boy- Miss, Rahul is opening my lunch box!

Madam - Rahul, I will slap, sit down!

Madam - good kids I said?

Children - on the bed of Akbar.

#10. "A small child came in and talked to his father -" "Hundreds of lions came after me ... Big big Lion." "

The father said - "Just say, here in the city where the lion came from?

The boy was a little startled, said, "There were no lions, dogs were there." "

The father said - "" Tell me, where did hundreds of dogs come from?

The boy said - "" There were one, not hundreds. ""

The father asked - "Did he run behind you, did he attack you?" 

The boy said - "" Why would he attack? He was a lame dog in the neighborhood Which was coming behind me. ""

The father apologized and said - "" I have said many times of that I do not speak in exaggerations. ""

#11.Teacher- If you are in a forest and there comes the lion, what will you do?

John-sir, I will go to the tree.

Teacher - if he comes there then?

John- so I'll jump into the water.

Teacher- And if he comes in the water then?

John- Sir, first you tell that the lion is your relative who you are going to his side.

#12. The child said to the doctor - Doctor, Yesterday you did not come to the party here.

Doctor - did not come and it was good.

The child asked - why?

Doctor - Who sees the patients returning to the feast? "

#13. "Pappu was lying on the beach for taking a bath on the beach.
American: - Are you Relaxing

Pappu: - No fear I am Pappu

After a while, another American passed by: -Are you relaxed?

Pappu shouts: - Bastard, I am Pappu.

Pappu came out of anger after all. An American beauty was lying on the beach in the bikini.

Pappu from that beautiful: - Are you relaxed?

American Beauty: - Yes I'm Relaxing ....

Pappu paused him with a loud flutter, and all your houses were looking for you.

#14. "Child - Mmmma Do I look like God?

Mom - No, but why are you asking such a son?

Child - Because I go anywhere, Mamma says all that God God has come again. "

#15. Chintu- Papa I will not go to school tomorrow?

Papa- why son?

Chintu - Today we were weighed at the school. 

Papa- So what happened? 
Chintu- What is the weight we've sold yesterday?

Best Jokes For Kids

#16. Son- Dad, today I tell you one thing.


Son- Dad, I have made 5 Fake IDs in the name of girls on Facebook.

 Father- donkey, worthless ... you have no other work ??? ... and why are you telling me these things?

Son- Dad, I am the only rose you are trying to get from the past two months.

#17."The little girl asked her mother - Mummy, did you say that there are wings of fairies and she can fly, right?

Mummy - Yes, daughter was said.

Girl - Daddy came last night to say that he is a fairy. When will she fly mom?

Mom(from a small girl) - Daughter will fly in the morning. " 
jokes for kids about School
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#18. "A child said to a friend - King! Just give me your bicycle.

King said - No |

The child said - If I do not give a bicycle then my heart will become sour.

Naresh said - eat some sugar."

#19. "Mom - What are you doing son?

Son- reading

Mom-shabas! What are you reading?

Son-I reading Story of film Titanike's."

#20. "Seeing his son's report card, Father said - How did you get so many numbers in the exam?

Son- Due to absenteeism.

Father- So did you disappear during the exam?

son - no! The teacher who was sitting near me was missing that day. "